“Vanessa is a supportive, nurturing, compassionate and motivating coach. I left our call feeling hopeful and inspired to step into my health and empowered to do this myself! She made me see not only that health and wellness is possible, but that it is natural and inevitable. Her continued professional guidance has helped me feel myself again, and actually better than before. It is truly a miracle.”


"Healing with Ness has been life changing! She has encouraged me to make the modifications in my lifestyle to get me feeling healthy again. I came to Ness at my worst, fed up with traditional medicine, having done everything the doctors said and not getting any better. Ness helped me nail down my root cause and set me up with a plan to help me beat it.

She has a boatload of knowledge about what foods, herbs and supplements alleviate symptoms and breaks it down in a way that's sustainable, easy to to understand and follow. We worked together to set up a plan tailored specifically for my healing and she guided me every step of the way. She was always there to answer my questions and offer support.

She treated my healing as if it was her own and was as invested in my journey as I was. I've finally gotten my health back thanks to Ness. She is the best and I highly recommend healing with her."


“Working with Vanessa has been LIFE CHANGING! I had never resonated with anyone else Re: healing our bodies through food + nutrition as I felt nobody understood my unique struggles with Lyme/EBV/ Autoimmunity/ extreme sensitivity/ cystic acne, etc. Vanessa gets it!!! She helped me overcome my fruit fear as I had not eat any in years (!) and the healing that has already happened in my body is incredible. She is so knowledgeable but also kind and super fun to work with! Highly recommend to anyone searching for an excellent guide on their holistic healing journey."


“Vanessa was such a pleasure to work with! I felt so connected to her as soon as we virtually met, because she’s been through a similar situation I’m in. And as we worked together, and we cut inflammatory foods + incorporated more healing foods is when I saw a huge shift in my body. I was in a position where walking or grocery shopping was an exhausting task for me. Whereas, now these activities can still tire me, but I feel confident in doing those things and can enjoy them without worry of being overly tired and/ or in too much pain. I also loved that Vanessa always had the perfect snack, herb, and/ or tea recommendation for anything I needed help with. I would recommend anyone wanting to heal in a more natural way and through a holistic approach to work with her! Especially if you are someone with a chronic illness like me. Thank you again for all your love and support, Vanessa! I can’t wait to work with you again soon"