Health & Wellness Sessions

Work with me one-on-one   

Wellness coaches can be an integral part of the healing journey. Healing can, at times, feel lonely, scary and confusing. Having someone help you reach your goals on your path in a different mental space can be a game changer for progress and peace of mind on your journey. 

I offer coaching and mentorship during our sessions together based on your needs. 





20 Minute Consultation Free!


Monthly Package and sessions options will be discussed in Consultation​ based on your needs

I Support People with: 

-Find the root cause to their symptoms

-Find clarity around their health 

-Create a wellness plan tailored to their healing based on Medical Medium information

-Weekly Accountability & Support

-Reshaping your belief patterns during healing including self doubt and negativity 

-Chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections, Fatigue, POTS, Fibromayalgia, Thyroid and Hormonal imbalances, digestive dysfunction including IBS, SIBO, Colitis, Crohns and leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, mental and emotional imbalances including anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue and general stress, Viruses including EBV, Shingles, Bacteria including Strep, Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins

-Food sensitivities and allergies

-Chemical Sensitivities 

Intuitive Reiki Session

I offer intuitive energy healing to clients who are in the Boston area either at their location or select times at my home. 

Reiki is the movement of energy in the body which precipitates the body's natural healing processes. This is an ancient art of healing that is a natural, non-invasive form of healing which is practiced worldwide and which is often used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques. 


15 Minute Distance Reiki Session​



30 Minute In-Person Session​


30 Minute Distance Reiki Session​


1 Hour In-Person Session



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Some Benefits of Reiki include:

- Stress reduction

- Anxiety reduction 

- Relaxation

- Enhancing immune function

- Healing and increasing physical energy

- Helps reduce headaches

- Spiritual growth

Programs & Courses

My 90-day Program will be launching in the Fall of 2020. 

Details to be announced soon. 



The Service Provider is not a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional, including not a licensed nutritionist nor a registered dietitian. The Service Provider does not treat, cure or diagnose disease or other medical conditions. The Service Provider is working solely to support clients through their sessions and social media. You should consult your doctor or other health professional on all information presented to you before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. See Terms and Conditions.


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