About Me


ADAPT Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Reiki II Practitioner

Hey there, I am Vanessa.


I struggled for years with Chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella, POTS, EBV, SIBO & Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue & Pain, and Parasites. 


Due to extreme joint & muscle pain and dizziness, I was bound to a cane at 24 years old. At my worst, my numerous prescribed antibiotics had destroyed my stomach lining and microbiome, and I turned to a liquid diet for weeks until I was able to handle raw veggies again. I missed out on what I thought were the most important years of my life- BUT something in me kept fighting. My goal was to reverse the irreversible and become symptom free. I refused to accept this as my life. 


After abandoning my pastas, breads and cheeses, I realized how much food has an effect on my symptoms. This diet shift, though drastic, gave me hope for remission and change my life. It wasn’t easy, I faced a lot of isolation, my friends and family didn’t always understand, many people questioned me, but I stuck with it and trusted my gut. 


Now I am happy to say I am in remission from over 50 + symptoms. I continue to heal each and every day, becoming more myself through nutrition and a holistic & healthy lifestyle. Where I once saw my illness as a curse, I can now find gratitude for the path on which it’s taken me. 


I am so inspired to help others find their own way and I am happy to be able to guide you on your own unique journey. Emotionally and physically, because healing is a lifestyle. I’ve been there, I feel your pain, and I know that you can heal!