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My Journey to Remission

Updated: May 23, 2021

I struggled for years with Chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella, POTS, EBV, SIBO & Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue & Pain, and Parasites.

It took me a few years and many doctors, tests and dollars to get a proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed, I immediately started on a very aggressive set of antibiotics.

Due to extreme joint & muscle pain and dizziness, I was bound to a cane at 24 years old. At my worst, these antibiotics had destroyed my stomach lining and microbiome, and I turned to a liquid diet for weeks until I was able to handle raw veggies again. I was missing out on what I thought were the most important years of my life.

After abandoning my pastas, breads and cheeses, I realized how much food has an effect on my symptoms. This diet shift, though drastic, gave me hope for remission and change my life. It wasn’t easy, I faced a lot of isolation, my friends and family didn’t always understand, many people questioned me, but I stuck with it and trusted my gut.

At my worst, I had 35+ symptoms and was taking 52 pills daily.

In total, I spent a year and a half on antibiotics using a pulsing method overseen by my doctor. I found I made progress but seem to have plateau and at the expense of my stomach, I was ready to try something new.

After switching to a Naturopathic Doctor, I went on the Cowden Protocol for 9 months. This was huge for my healing. It really addressed a lot of issues I was facing and symptoms still lingering. Finishing this treatment, I was in my version of “remission.”

What does remission mean? It means something different to everyone, really. I was able to be fully functional and my symptoms did not affect my daily life.

Where I once saw my illness as a curse, I can now find gratitude for the path on which it’s taken me. I continue to heal each and every day, becoming more myself through nutrition and a holistic & healthy lifestyle. I started following a lot of Anthony William (the Medical Medium) advice on healing. Following this advice, it has helped me reduce more symptoms and address other viral and bacterial loads. I continue to follow a lot of his teachings today.

Keep in mind that that everyone is different, every body is different and there is no cookie cutter way to healing.
Finding what works best for your body is key and learning how to tune into what your system needs.

Other Major things that helped me heal:

Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology) and using the correct supplements



Healing Emotional Traumas


Things I would have done differently:

I would have chose to go a more holistic route first instead of using antibiotics for so long. Antibiotics were really harsh on my body and my system is extremely sensitive.

I would have created a support team earlier in my diagnoses. Support team including my doctor, nutritionist or health coach, acupuncturist, naturopathic doctor, etc.


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional. This is my own personal journey and how I healed, for informational purposes only. Please consult with your licensed professional.

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