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Food Prepping Tips for those Dealing w. Fatigue

Living on a healing diet isn’t always easy, especially when you are cooking & prepping most or all of your meals. This can lead to serious burn out in the kitchen.

Here are some of my favorite way to make meals easier:

Wash all fruits and veggies once home from the store, let dry and put away in the fridge. This way you can just grab when ready to use

Cut up fruits and veggies and store in containers for quick use and easier meal prep.

Batch prep as much as possible- if you are making a soup, make enough for 3-4 meals and freeze the rest.

If you drink celery juice, prep all your celery stalks to for juicing at the beginning of the week

Write out your meals and snacks for the week so you don’t have to put a lot of effort into thinking about it day of

Have lots of easy snacks on hand - fresh fruit, fresh juices, Lara bars, etc

Pick a few restaurants in the area you know you can eat at or order from there when you are feeling the burn out!

Ask for help when you need some support

Make as many meals together as possible - when making breakfast, prep your snacks for the day as well

What are some of your favorite food prep tricks?

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