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5 Profound Lessons from a Year of Surrender

As the sun rises on my 32nd journey around the sun, I find myself reflecting on the incredible year that was, brimming with lessons that have shaped my heart and soul. Each moment, each experience has woven into the tapestry of my life, unveiling deeper truths and unveiling the beauty of surrender. This past year, my theme has been just that – surrender. And as I step into this new chapter of life, I'm excited to share the five greatest lessons that the universe has gifted me during my 31st year.

**The Healing Never Stops**

Life is a continuous journey of healing and growth. With each passing year, I've come to realize that healing is not a destination but an ongoing process. It's a journey that has no final endpoint, but rather a path that allows us to unearth the layers of our being. I've learned that healing is an act of self-love, a testament to our strength, and a reminder that we are constantly evolving into our higher selves.

**Home Is Found Within Yourself and Others**

The idea of 'home' transcends the walls of a physical place. Home is the sanctuary we carry within ourselves, a space that's nurtured by self-acceptance, compassion, and self-care. Beyond that, home is also the people we meet – the ones who uplift, support, and cherish us for who we are. This year, I've deepened my understanding that home is not limited to a location; it's a feeling we cultivate within and share with other beautiful souls who have been place on our plath.

**Trusting the Universe's Wisdom**

This year, I've completely surrendered to the universe's plan for me by following a soulful nudge to travel with a one-way ticket and no plans - four months later I am still traveling, going to each destination based on where my heart and the universe is leading me. I trust that I can take care of myself but I know the universe will take care of me even more.

**Divine Timing Holds the Master Plan**

In a world that often urges us to rush, achieve, and compete, I've found peace in the notion of divine timing. There's an innate intelligence in the universe's timing that orchestrates events in a way that aligns with our highest good. Trusting that everything unfolds in its own perfect time. I am realizing there is a reason behind everything including the timing of things.

**The Path Unfolds as We Walk**

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears" - Rumi. It is about taking the first step and letting the rest unfold along the way. I'm embracing the beauty of uncertainty, knowing that as long as I keep walking, the way will unfold before me.

The past year's theme of surrender has shown me the immense power that comes from trusting the unknown, having faith and leaning into the flow of life. As I step into 32, I look forward to the woman I become.

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