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Banana N’ice Cream!

I have the biggest sweet tooth; probably out of anyone you know! And ice cream was my dessert of choice. Once I went paleo, it was hard to not have dessert anymore. I substituted with different healthier ice cream options like Wink or NadaMoo. While I liked these, I can’t say the same for my body.

I have an extremely sensitive system, so I usually ended up having a lot of stomach cramping after eating this.

SO now, I have perfect a healthy n’ice cream made from bananas and it is a fan favorite!



5 frozen ripe bananas

½ cup of almond milk (give or take so you get the consistency you like)

1 tablespoon of nut butter

1 HU Chocolate Bar or sugar-free chocolate of your choice


1. Throw frozen bananas, almond milk, and nut butter in the blender until thick and smooth.

2. Melt Hu chocolate bar

3. Serve banana n’ice cream and drizzle melted chocolate on top!

Total about 3 large bowls 


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