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31 Lessons in 31 Years - Reflecting upon the last 365 Days

Updated: Aug 25

As I turn 31 today, I always reflect on the past year and set new intentions for this new chapter I enter. During this time, I have learned many, many lessons so here are my top lessons and re

minders that resonated with me for the past 365 days:

  1. All of your challenges are for a greater purpose and reason. On the other side is pure magic

  2. There is always something to be grateful for.

  3. The universe has a plan, trust in the divine timing of your life unfolding

  4. It is truly about the journey and not the destination

  5. Find joy in every single day

  6. Every season has its purpose

  7. You will go through many (ego) death and rebirths in this lifetime

  8. Each year you are a new person and a new version of yourself to choose how to invest in it

  9. All of your emotions are valid and it is okay to feel them

  10. You have the power within you

  11. Set boundaries and speak your truth

  12. When you feel lost, look within. The answers are always there, right inside of you

  13. “This too shall pass”

  14. Food IS medicine

  15. You are not for everyone but the people who you are for will love you unconditionally

  16. Find peace and surrender

  17. Invest in yourself in every way

  18. Health is the greatest form of wealth

  19. Follow your intuition, it will always guide you

  20. Your mind and body are more powerful than you can even imagine

  21. It is okay to fear the unknown but don't let it stop you.

  22. Love as much as possible

  23. Consistency is key

  24. You are an unlimited being in an unlimited universe.

  25. Being sensitive and compassionate is a superpower.

  26. It is okay to be vulnerable.

  27. Never settle.

  28. Don't take any day for granted because life is a gift.

  29. Speak from the heart.

  30. You can do hard shit

  31. Everything is going to be okay

Which one resonates with you the most?

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