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10 Tips for Traveling while Healing

Traveling while healing is no joke. It is a lot of effort to prepare for a vacation or a weekend away. Over the years, I have made many mistakes while traveling and learned what are essential for me and what works best while traveling. Below are my 10 tips for traveling while healing.

  1. Book an airbnb or place with a kitchen so you can make your own meals - this is one of thing that is a must for me! I like to be able to go to the grocery store, keep the fridge stocked with lots of fruits, veggies, and snacks. I buy some fresh juices and keep those handy. Usually, I will make a few of my own meals rather than going out.

  2. Bring simple, easy meals for the travel day - I always pack meals for my travel day, whether that is traveling via car or by plane. If I am traveling in the car, I pack a cooler with some essentials for the place I am staying, I will prep a large salad, bring lemons, and a Lara bar or other fruit for the ride. Typically, if I am flying, I will bring steamed potatoes in a thermos, greens, and some fruit, as well as precut lemons.

  3. Bring your own water - I bring my own filtered water with me, typically I will buy a large contained of water

  4. Prep as much as you can ahead of time - juices, fruits, cooked potatoes, sauces, etc. I will by pre-bottled juices, pack cooked potatoes, make a gf pasta salad, pack celery juice, etc.

  5. Prepare all your supplements - I bring all my tinctures in a big bag and count out my capsules for the days I am away.

  6. Bring your essentials - mine are peppermint oil, ginger tea, natural bug spray, CBD lotion - these are my go-to’s if I have an onset of symptoms and are specific for what I deal with. Pick the ones that are essential for you!

  7. Research local restaurants ahead of time so you know where you can eat - I will look up restaurants a week before travel and find a smoothie place and other restaurants that I can eat at. I keep a list of these places in the Notes App on my phone so I always have access to them

  8. Research where the local grocery stores are - this is another thing I do to make sure I know where I can get my food

  9. Plan out what you are eating each day - I make a general plan on what I am going to eat while away so on vacation it doesn’t feel stressful to come up with a meal or find a place to eat. Typically I like to prepare all my breakfasts and snacks, make 3-4 meals and find a couple of restaurants I can eat at

  10. HAVE FUN - don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you are on vacation and not be to hard on yourself if you don’t eat as clean as you normal do or have a cheat meal.

*During the pandemic, I also make sure to take extra anti-viral supplements before, during and after my travels. I also bring fragrance-free wipes and hand sanitizer.*

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