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I help beautiful souls like YOU take their health back...

Do you feel stuck in your healing? 

Have you been told your symptoms are all in your head?

Do you need to shake up your healing journey?

Have you been told your symptoms are all in your head?

Has traditional medicine failed in helping you get to where you want to be in your recovery?

Are you ready for a better quality of life?

Are you looking to make lasting changes to reduce your symptoms and truly heal?

I am here to help guide you! 
I can help you

Your Healing Starts Here


Hey there,

I'm Vanessa

Holistic Health and Wellness Enthusiast, Animal Lover, Yogi, Tea Connoisseur, Outdoor Adventurer

When I'm not focused on work, I spend my time gardening, traveling, hiking, going on adventures, baking delicious & healthy new recipes, skiing, reading, or balancing all my activities with some calming yoga! 

“Vanessa is a supportive, nurturing, compassionate and motivating coach. I left our calls feeling hopeful and inspired to step into my health and empowered to do this myself! She made me see not only that health and wellness is possible, but that it is natural and inevitable. Her continued professional guidance has helped me feel myself again, and actually better than before. It is truly a miracle."


Connecticut, USA
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