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Your Healing Starts Here


I help beautiful souls like YOU take their health back...

Looking to take back control of your health and achieve lasting change?

Feeling stuck in your healing journey?

Ready to shake up your approach to healing?

Frustrated with traditional medicine's limited results in your recovery?

Yearning for a better quality of life?

Seeking guidance to reduce your symptoms and truly heal?

Join me, and let me help guide you towards a healthier, happier life!
I can help you

Step into your Rebirth


"Vanessa and I worked together to introduce previously restricted whole foods back into my diet along with supplements. The combination ultimately led to my SIBO symptoms subsiding and me feeling for the first time, like there was hope. I often refer to Vanessa as my godsend...she has truly changed my life and I cant recommend her services enough. Not to mention she's an incredible person, inside and out."


Connecticut, USA
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